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August 2015

Flash by Rachel Anne Ridge Okay, the year is half gone and I do not have half the goals for this year met. There is something wrong with this picture. Whatever happened to the lazy days of summer or was that just a myth? Or only for kids? Or. Here in my hometown, school starts on August 12. Perhaps that is one of the things that makes me feel like summer got past me before I was ready.

We are having plenty of HOT days, we had real rain, gardens are producing, flowers are rampant, looks like we are right on track, so I guess the big question is: How am I ever going to catch up?

Maybe I'll just pull one of the TBR (To Be Read) books off the shelf or download another to my IPad, pour myself a tall glass of iced tea, and lose myself in someone else's story.

Which I did, last week, in the book I want to tell you about. I've been reviewing mostly fiction, but a book I'd been looking forward to reading arrived in the mail.

I was enchanted by the cover: hardback, white background with a donkey, ears forward and a daisy in his mouth staring right at me. His name? Flash. It said so in big letters. The author's name: Rachel Anne Ridge. The narrative on the front: "The Homeless Donkey who taught me about Life, Faith, and Second Chances."

I heard Rachel Anne Ridge speak at a writer's retreat last fall, and when she told the story of her book, I asked for a copy. It finally arrived. My thought was to read a chapter or two every day during my lunch time. I stuck to that until about half way through the book, but when Sunday came around, I figured this would be a great way to spend the rest of the day.

This poor homeless donkey showed up in their driveway and strolled right into their hearts. And even though it seemed the wrong time to acquire a new family member, this mom, dad, and three kids, along with their various other animals, didn't waste a lot of time trying to find Flash-as they named him-another home. As the local Sheriff said, a donkey wouldn't bring in more than $5 at auction.

I know that you will rejoice with this family as they experience the ups and downs of family life, and a donkey who makes friends with both the neighbors and a mare down the road, and still finds time to help his family learn life's lessons along the way. My life is richer for having enjoyed the story of Flash, and I think yours will be too.

My latest novel Someday Home released in July, sending me on a two-state promotion tour through North Dakota and Minnesota. What a privilege to meet more readers and share with them the stories behind the stories. As a story teller, many of my books come about in unusual ways and everything is grist for the story mill.

Until next time,

Happy readin’ & writin’ from Lauraine

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