Youth Fiction- The High Hurdles Series

The High Hurdles Collection, 1 and 2

High Hurdles- Collection One by Lauraine Snelling    High Hurdles - Collection Two by Lauraine Snelling

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Two, 5-in-1 Volumes for Horse Loving Pre-teens!

Fourteen-year-old DJ Randall wants nothing more than to compete as a show jumper in the Olympics. The challenges that stand in her way only spur her to work harder toward her dream.

Whether it's mucking out stalls and hosting pony parties to earn money to buy her first horse or navigating the changing family dynamics at home, DJ relies on her faith in God to see her through the most daunting obstacles.

Collection One includes: Olympic Dreams, DJ's Challenge, Setting the Pace, Out of the Blue, and Storm Clouds.

Collection Two includes: Close Quarters, Moving Up, Letting Go, Raising the Bar, and Class Act.


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Olympic Dreams by Lauraine SnellingOlympic Dreams

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Thirteen-year old DJ Randall wants nothing more than to compete as a show jumper in the Olympics. After years of riding and working with horses, she’s ready to start contending. Only once obstacle stands in her way—she doesn’t have a horse!

Together with her best friend, Amy Yamamoto, DJ puts her plan for earning horse money into action. But just when it seems as if buying a horse is a real possibility, everything goes wrong. DJ’s grandmother, who has always lived with DJ and her fast-track mother, announces she is moving out.

Horrified at the prospect of living alone with a mother who doesn’t understand her dreams, DJ fights to prevent the move. Without Gran’s support, DJ may never realize her Olympic ambitions!

All DJ needs is a chance…


DJ's Challenge by Lauraine SnellingDJ’s Challenge

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DJ Randall and her mom, Lindy, are struggling to build a happy family life now that Gran has remarried and moved away, but the situation seems hopeless. Faced with an empty house and mounting responsibilities, DJ is nearly ready to run away.

But even as DJ’s relationship with her mother seems to be falling apart, her life at the Briones Riding Academy is looking up. At long last, DJ can resume jumping classes—and on her own horse, Major!

Suddenly, her mom drops a bombshell—she’s considering accepting a position with a company in Los Angeles. DJ is devastated. If they move, she may not be able to keep Major!

DJ finally has her horse—but for how long?


Setting the Pace by Lauraine SnellingSetting the Pace

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When Lindy Randall announces her engagement to Robert Crowder, DJ is floored. How can her mother even consider taking on a husband and twin boys when she is only now beginning to get along with the family she has?

DJ turns to her training at Briones Riding Academy to forget her troubles, but life at the Academy has acquired an ugly edge—no thanks to Tony Andrada. The academy newcomer has singled out DJ’s friend Hilary as the target for his cruel racist remarks, and it’s gotten so bad, Hilary is ready to call it quits.

Is DJ Ready to face the challenges before her?


Out of the Blue by Lauraine SnellingOut of the Blue

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An unexpected phone call from the biological father DJ Randall has never met leaves her reeling. Why, after fourteen years of silence, is this stranger named Bradley Atwood suddenly interested in getting to know her? And how will this affect DJ's relationship with Robert Crowder, her soon-to-be stepdad?

Nervous yet exicted, DJ breaks the news to her mother, who is furious with Brad for disrupting their lives. How can he just waltz back into her daughter's life and expect a place in it? But Lindy's fears of an ugly custody battle convince her to allow DJ to meet her father much to DJ's surprise.

Armed with questions, DJ prepares to meet the mysterious man who is her father the man who supposedly shares her love for horses. Will her butterflies ever settle down?

This is one upset DJ never dreamed of...


Storm Clouds by Lauraine SnellingStorm Clouds

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DJ Randall isn't sure she can survive the stressful weeks before her mother's wedding. An invitation to spend a hassle-free weekend at her father's deluxe Arabian horse ranch seems to be the perfect escape.

But DJ's mother, Lindy, isn't comfortable with her daughter's growing relationship with Brad Atwood and his wife, Jackie, a competitor in fourth-level dressage. The wealthy couple understands DJ's bond with horses in a way her mother never could and is eager to help DJ take a shot at her dreams.

But family tensions are temporarily swept away as fierce rainstorms threaten to flood much of Northern California, including the Atwoods' Santa Rosa ranch. With floodwaters rising fast, DJ's relaxing weekend getaway becomes a risky fight to save her father's prize-winning horses. But is DJ's own future at stake?

Is DJ in over her head?


Close Quarters by Lauraine SnellingClose Quarters

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Now that her mother and Robert are married, DJ's latest challenge is breaking in her blended family. But the new house isn't ready for them, so Robert and the twins must squeeze into DJ and Lindy's tiny house for several weeks.

All too soon, DJ learns that having a family means spending time together. But between her growing responsibilities at Briones Riding Academy and catching up on homework after a week with the flu, DJ has trouble fitting it all in.

Trapped in close quarters, DJ longs for privacy. But at the same time, she feels isolated from the rest of the family. For once, DJ must deal with her jealousy of the Double Bs. And when a horse show comes in the way of DJ's art, a full-scale family war threatens to break out!


Moving Up by Lauraine SnellingMoving Up

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Moving day has finally come for DJ and her family. But now that the new house is completed, DJ realizes she's about to leave the only home she's ever known and she's not ready to say good-bye. To make matters worse, she'll be away at her father's the week of the move!

But things are looking up at the Academy. At last DJ is off restrictions, so she can ride Major again. Her first rated show is coming up a big step toward DJ's Olympic aspirations. And the overwhelming support from her family leaves DJ nearly speechless.

But with her booming note card business, an art weekend in San Francisco, and her responsibilities at home, DJ is at her wits' end. Can she fit it all in and still have time with Major?

It's time to say good-bye-but is DJ willing?


Letting Go by Lauraine SnellingLetting Go

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DJ Randall couldn't be happier. Never before has she had so much support behind her dream of jumping in the Olympics. Even her mother, who has never understood DJ's love for horses, now cheers in the stands at DJ's shows. As DJ begins to compete in A-rated shows, however, everyone tells her she needs a better horse. But how can DJ give up Major, the sweetest, most willing horse ever?

Then DJ's biological father, Brad, and his wife, Jackie, offer their Thoroughbred/warmblood gelding to her. DJ is unsure whether to take their generous gift. Is she ready for a horse as spectacular as Herndon? Besides, DJ and Major have developed a bond she's unwilling to break.

Ultimately, the decision is made for her. But can DJ let go of the past and look forward to a future with Herndon?


Raising The Bar by Lauraine SnellingRaising the Bar

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Against difficult odds, D.J. Randall has discovered God's plan in her life and started her quest for Olympic gold.

Summer has arrived and DJ is enjoying her vacation fully. Only it's not totally a vacation. Every day she's off to Briones Rising Academy, where she struggles to learn Herndon’s his habits and tricks. After some early frustration she begins to miss her old horse, Major, and wonders if she and Herndon will ever have that same connection.

Two weeks at the U.S. Equestrian Team training camp, however, appears to answer her questions. The pair are making solid progress. When they return home, a mysterious fire threatens not only their growing bond but the safety of all the horses in the barn. DJ must overcome a deep, secret fear to be able to save her horse.


Class Act by Lauraine SnellingClass Act

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DJ Randall faces a long and painful recovery after her hands were severely burned when she rescued several horses from a barn fire. Every day she endures the excruciating treatment of having the dead tissue scrubbed from her hands—her only relief is to pass out. And though her fear of fires seems to be gone, it’s been replaced by the fear of losing her ability to ride and jump competitively—and the end of her Olympic dreams.

When she’s finally released from the hospital, DJ faces numerous obstacles. Catching up on her studies proves difficult, especially since all the pain medication she’s been taking has messed up her concentration. But the biggest hurdle is mounting a horse again. No way is she ready to ride her beloved Herndon yet. Will DJ ever be strong enough to compete in the Olympics?

DJ’s up against an uncertain future… Can she overcome?

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