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Welcome to the writing world!

I dreamed of writing horse books for girls since I was in high school; And I wrote 21 of those books. I dreamed of writing romances, and so far I’ve written historical, contemporary and novella forms. There is romance in most of my stories.

I didn’t dream of writing historical anything and God laughed at my “never” and now I love writing historical fiction. I’ve also written three nonfiction books, along with lots of articles and some short stories. 

I tell you all this for two reasons: One: to remind you not to say “never”, it only makes God laugh and go on with his own plans for you. Two: to show you that the writing life is crazy, wonderful, mind boggling, depressing, ornery, fun, and harder work than you ever thought. It pushes you to the outer limits of what you can do.

Perseverance is the most necessary trait a writer can have. That, and developing alligator hide to help you keep going through rejections!

I wish I could chat with you over lunch and tell you more about this writing journey, but unfortunately that’s not possible. I also cannot read unsolicited manuscripts, recommend agents, or provide information on markets. However, I do have some more tips I can offer you:

Blessings in abundance. I’m off to finish my next novel...



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